Reservoirs & Water Bladders


Quite literally the heart of our heritage, our collection of reservoirs provide wearable hydration for any adventure imaginable. Leak-proof and reliable, each is engineered to keep water at the ready, allowing you to do what you love - longer.

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Hydration Bladders & Water Reservoirs

What is a Hydration Bladder?
Water bladders are designed to transport water while also making drinking more convenient and efficient. Hydration bladders can be used for hiking, trekking, camping, biking, mountain biking, running and many other outdoor activities.

What is a Water Reservoir?
When performing any outdoor activity, staying hydrated is key. Water helps to increase your endurance while improving your performance. However, it’s often cumbersome to carry water, especially a significant amount of water (with traditional water bottles) and take it on your hiking or backpacking adventure.

Hydration bladders feature a flexible plastic design, making them easily fit inside your backpack, allowing for more much-needed storage space. Whether you’re hiking, cycling, trekking, or running, you’ll enjoy the convenient hands-free design as you hydrate by drinking from the attached drinking tube. Why You Need CamelBak Water Bladders for Your Next Outdoor Adventure.

Considering one litre of water weighs 2.2lbs, your water supply can often be the heaviest item in your pack. Hydration bladders are light, with the largest 3L bladders weighing about 8 oz or less when empty.

What to look for when shopping for water bladders?
Whether it’s a quick connect valve, carry handles, or storage hooks, it’s important to choose the hydration features that matter most to you. Check the capacity of your hydration bladder to ensure that the hydration reservoir has enough space to hold the amount of water you intend to carry. Fit matters - ensure that your hydration pack fits your hip size and torso length (as well as fitting the hydration bladder you want to use).

Looking for even more information to make the most informed purchase possible? Our hydration bladders offer features that include:

Bite Valve On/Off Switch
The hydration bladder hose and bite valves on your water bladder backpack have an on/off switch to prevent leaks when not in use.

Quick Connect Valves
Some reservoirs include a drink tube that disconnects from the hydration bladder’s body, making it easier to refill. Simply press a button to disconnect the tube and pull the reservoir from your pack.

Storage Hook

To ensure that your hydration bladder stays where it should be in your bag, the storage hook allows you to securely attach to the top of the bag pack.

Carry Handle
Some water bladders also feature a convenient carry handle, allowing you to stabilise them when refilling, opening and closing the bladder.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hydration Bladder?

You should clean your hydration pack once or twice a month because it is easy to clean and important. Remember to rinse the reservoir tube and dry it after each use.

Adventure On!

Engineered with your mobility in mind, CamelBak water reservoirs and hydration bladders are designed to enhance every experience. Our lightweight water bladders offer the comfort and convenience you need to make the most of all your outdoor adventures.