Hiking Backpacks


For every peak, there is a pack. Our Hike Collection is roomy enough for full-day adventures and is thoughtfully designed to keep you comfortable and organised no matter where you are.

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Hiking is limitless. For the people you see bounding up trails at 5am with their headlamps on and the sun peaking through the peaks. Also for the people who need to escape the daily grind, explore the great outdoors, and discover new territory.

Hiking is more than just walking up a mountain. A journey into the wild that can last a lifetime. Having the right backpack or bag for hiking can greatly impact your experience.

Hike Hydration Packs for Every Adventure

Our hike hydration packs are for peak baggers and high octane adventures, no matter where, when or how long the journey takes you. Fill your pack with everything you need for an epic adventure and take a hike.

Whether you're a casual walker or an avid mountaineer, our hydration backpacks are your ideal companion. Designed for durability and comfort, they ensure you stay hydrated and equipped on any day hike, making your adventure enjoyable and hassle-free. With ample storage and easy hydration access, conquer every trail from serene strolls to demanding peak conquests.

Unmatched Performance and Comfort

CamelBak takes pride in our top-of-the-line Hydration Hiking Backpacks, providing unmatched performance and comfort for outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Our focus on innovation and quality has resulted in a range of hydration backpacks that truly deliver when it matters most.

The CRUX™ Hydration Bladder

Our daypacks excel in popularity, largely because of the inclusion of the CRUX™ hydration bladder, a staple feature aimed at ensuring hikers remain optimally hydrated during their excursions. This innovative system allows for easy water access on the go, making hydration effortless and convenient.

Innovative Reservoir System

Our innovative reservoir system is the perfect hydration solution for active individuals. User-friendly and highly efficient—with this system, you can easily access water while on the move, ensuring that you stay hydrated without any interruptions or the need to pause and search through your backpack. This seamless integration of hydration into your activity helps maintain your momentum and performance.

All-Day Comfort

Our walking backpacks provide all-day comfort while carrying, in a range of sizes available. We understand that a comfortable backpack is essential for a successful hike. Our backpacks are designed with body mapping technology and adjustable shoulder straps to minimise strain on your shoulders and back. The lightweight construction of our walking rucksack makes it easier for you to carry your gear, so you can focus on the trail ahead.

Ample Storage Space

The best hiking backpack is no good if it doesn't have enough storage space. We ensured that our hiking packs have enough room for all your hiking essentials. These include food, water bottles, extra clothes, first-aid supplies, and any other items you may want to bring. The well-organised compartments make it easy to access your gear, so you can get what you need when you need it.

Built to Last

We proudly state that we build our Hike Backpacks to last, using the best materials with waterproofing properties. Our backpacks for trekking are made with top-quality materials and tested rigorously to make sure they can handle tough conditions. We offer our lifetime guarantee, Got Your BAK™ on all our hydration hiking packs.