Keep your bottles and reservoirs clean and taste-free. From eco-friendly cleaning tablets to bottle brushes and reservoir drying racks, we've got what you need to make cleaning a breeze.

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So Fresh & So Clean - Hydration Cleaning Accessories

Keeping your hydration gear clean has never been so simple with a CamelBak water bottle cleaning accessories and bottle brush kits. Remove everyday build-up and debris with our easy-to-use water bottle cleaning kits.

Keeping Your Water Bottles Clean
From hiking and camping to the daily commute or gym time, water bottles get a lot of use. The more use our bottles get, the more important maintenance becomes. Extend the life of your hydration gear with our innovative tools and kits designed to keep your water bottles and reservoirs clean.

Cleaning Supplies for Every Type of Hydration System
Explore specially tailored cleaning kits for every type of hydration system. Whether you are looking for cleaning solutions for a reservoir system or accessories for water bottles, we’ve got covered!

Keep your bottles free from odour and after-taste from your last beverage with our bottle brush kits for standard bottles and thermoses. Designed to reach all the corners of the bottle, our brush kits feature two different brushes for various cleaning tasks.

Hit every nook and cranny with our all-in-one reservoir cleaning kit that comes equipped with a reservoir brush, dryer, eco-friendly cleaning tabs, and PureFlow™ tube brush. This convenient kit features all the supplies you need to keep your reservoir looking great and your water tasting fresh.

Simple and Easy Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your Hydration Packs, water bottles, Reservoirs and accessories is key to maintaining a healthy hydration system.

Get started today and explore all the cleaning and maintenance tools you need to ensure healthy hydration throughout every day.