Cycling Backpacks


Min. or Max. capacity - there's a solution for every rider. Designed for comfortable hands-free hydration and organised storage. Our collection of bike packs enable more time on the trail.

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It all started with a man, a bike, and a need for quick, easy, and lasting hydration. CamelBak simply wouldn't be CamelBak without our determination to aid riders and elevate the sport, recreation, lifestyle of cycling. Whether you're living out your Tour de France fantasy, setting your personal best, or just...taking a ride—we've got something for you.

Our packs range from 'only the essentials please' to 'I'm packing up and taking off!' They carry hydration and enough room for whatever you need, so you can keep adventuring from the everyday to the extraordinary. Whatever the terrain. However long the ride. No matter who you are. We've got you covered. CamelBak has everything you need to conquer any ride.

Elevate every cycling experience with our variety of cycling packs and backpacks that include:

Vests: Adventure on with our lightweight and breathable Chase™ Bike Vests, offering convenient hydration and innovative storage features for easy access to what you need when you need it most. Enjoy a tailored fit, designed just for women with our women’s hydration vests or the combined safety and storage features of our protector vests.

Waist Packs: Get easy access to all your essentials with the minimalistic and lightweight design of our storage belts and convenient hydration waist packs designed for hard-charging riders.

Commute Backpacks:
The ultimate versatile workhorse, our commuter backpacks feature large side pockets for storage, a weatherproof laptop sleeve, superior ventilation and a removable waist strap. Enjoy the added peace of mind of safety features including reflective material, a slot designed specifically for a clip-on light and a convenient helmet carry feature for when you’re off the bike.

Kids Backpacks: Explore hydration gear created just for kids with packs designed with durability in mind. Our kid's hydration packs feature a lightweight design, along with a comfortable fit and breathable air mesh back panels. Parents will breathe easier with our kids Mini M.U.L.E hydration pack’s reflective strips, safety whistle and bike tool organizer pocket, to keep supplies stored safely.

Women’s Hydration Packs:
Shop hydration gear created with a woman’s silhouette in mind with a specially tailored fit and breathable back panel. Get the sense of security you want with pack safety features that include reflective material for low light safety and a secure phone pocket and storage for essentials. All of this combined with generous water storage capacity make our women’s packs a winner - on and off the trail.

From small-scale essentials to maximum carry styles, CamelBak® cycling backpacks are designed to help you stay hydrated and well organised while keeping your head in the game and focused on the road ahead.